Citizens of Buck Snort Hollar

meet some of the fine citizens of Buck Snort Hollar


Mayor Thomas Jacob Henry is a good ole boy who insists on being called TJ.  He’s a total sports fanatic, especially when it comes to football.   In fact the only electronic device allowed on his desk besides the telephone is an old television that brings him a football game from 9 to 5.  Born and raised in Buck Snort Hollar,  TJ left this little backwoods town only long enough to get a college degree.   It’s almost as if TJ was born to do the mayoring of Buck Snort Hollar with his down to earth charm and outrageous sense of humor. Nobody, not even those that may peer in from the outside, is a stranger to Mayor Thomas Jacob Henry. He welcomes each and everyone as neighbor. When he isn’t mayoring, TJ pens children’s books (under an alias, of course), sings a little and is secretly smitten with Betty Jo! He’s walked through the ups and downs of lives of most of his townsfolk and even when things don’t seem to work out too well, everyone can depend on their good mayor to quip with a smile, “maybe next time.”

Betty Jo (Riley) Jeter is in her mid-forties. A pretty woman who is the heart of Buck Snort Hollar. Betty Jo is technically widowed; though she was separated from her husband, Lloyd, when he was killed in a rodeo accident. (Which is how ‘Bull’ took up residence on her little farm.)  Times aren’t easy for Betty Jo right now with two children to raise, but she loves God and everyone she meets is a friend.  She’s the first one there when someone needs a helping hand and has a hard time saying no to anyone she loves (which is practically the whole dang town), even when things aren’t particularly rosy in her life. 

Betty Jo personifies one’s image of a bubbly beautician and is the owner of the only beauty salon in town. (One might think she has a PhD in psychology, with her heartfelt advice!)   Her friends and fellow citizens love her quick wit and learn very quickly Betty Jo will always get the last word in.

With a heart of gold and a lot of class, Betty Jo is slowly developing romantic feelings for TJ.  Not thinking the fine mayor could possibly return her feelings, she keeps those feelings well under wraps, confiding only in ‘Bull.’

Betty Jo’s been singing in her family band since she was knee high to a grass hopper. A huge fan of country music from the 70’s and 80’s, she  always dreamed of singing with Dolly Pardon,  but she never had the courage to venture the 69.8 miles out of Buck Snort Hollar to Nashville.  But that doesn’t keep her from singing. She often serenades her clients at the beauty shop and is always the star when she sings at church, wedding receptions and at the local barn dance. 

Betty Jo likes the simple life, but with the Hollar’s ‘famous’ trio now taking over her life, things are ’bout to get a bit crazy!

Lloyd Jeter: The estranged husband of Betty Jo met his maker while going through a mid-life crises.  He joined the rodeo as a rodeo clown, flirted with rodeo princess Candice Clearwater and was killed by one of the bulls he was fond of harassing in his off hours. 

Bull: Inherited by Betty Jo after her estrange husband met his maker, Bull is gentle as a lamb and totally enchanted with Miss Betty Jo.  He quickly becomes the silent, strong confidant Betty Jo needs.  (Little do the citizens of Buck Snort Hollar know, that Bull is far from the silent type!)

Cameron Roy Jeter: Betty Jo’s son, Cameron’s a typical country boy that likes outdoor activities.  A basically good kid, he can be mischievous and even has a bit of city coolness in him, though nobody in Buck Snort Hollar can figure out where he got it. Since the death of his father, TJ often takes Cameron out to play ball or on special fishing trips and the two are developing a special bond.

Courtney Elaine Jeter: Betty Jo’s daughter, Courtney, has burst into her a pre-teen years!  She idolizes the latest teen screen idols (much to her mother’s demise) and wants to be just like Aunt Barbi (much to her mother’s horror)!  

Barbara Jean (Riley) Lester is in her 30’s (though she’ll never admit she’s over 29), a size 5 health nut she insists that everyone call her Barbi, without the ‘e.’  She’s Betty Jo’s youngest sister who left Buck Snort Hollar the day after graduation and moved to Hollywood to become a big star.  She starred in a couple of “B” movies, did extra roles, a few car commercials (and not for the big car companies), but gained most of her ‘success’ as the star of some ’80 rock videos by The Hammerheads.  She’s still counting on that call from her agent with a starring role that will make her a household name.  

Barbi found herself out on the street after her has-been rock star husband, which goes by the name Thrash, dumped her for a 19 year old Pamela Lee look-alike. With no place to go she arrives back on Betty Jo’s doorstep, basically destitute, other than her multiple trunks of clothes, make-up and few odd wigs.

Underneath the layers of make-up and drama, Barbi still has some growing up to do, actually a lot of growing up to do and Buck Snort may be just the place to do it, though everyone doubts that can ever happen.  Will Barbi ever re-adjust to life in “Hicksville,” or will she turn the town upside down with a Hollywood make-over?

Penelope Lynn (Butterfield) Carver: Penny (as her friends call her) was born in Oklahoma and moved with her mother into her grandmother’s house (in Buck Snort Hollar) at the age of five.  Barbi and her friend, Jennifer, met Penny in kindergarten and the three of them soon became thick as thieves until time and distance has caused them to grow apart. 

Penny and Barbi are as different as night and day. Sweet and insecure, Penny’s your typical girl next door, dresses country and either makes her clothing or buys it second-hand as she has never had much money. Penny married out of high school to her high school sweetheart, whose love of alcohol eventually has Penny and their daughter landing on Betty Jo’s doorstep for help.

Betty Jo gives Penny a job at Betty Jo’s House of Beauty and moves Penny and her daughter into the little duplex out behind her house. The only questions remaining now is will Penny, Barbi and Jennifer rekindle their childhood friendship or will Penny’s plain Jane ways and obsession with country music drive them crazy?

Justine Marie Carver is Penny’s daughter.  Only her love for Disney princesses and fairytales outweighs the love she has for country music, just like her momma. Justine is a sweet little girl that has been raised with old school values.  Wise for her age, she watches out for her momma.   

Jennifer Marie Burke, the third of the Barbi, Jennifer and Penny trio, never married.  She’s the daughter of a deceased alcoholic father and an overbearing (stage actress) mother.  As a result, she can be overbearing and a tad bit pertentious herself though she truly has a good heart. 

She left for LA with Barbi to become a television reporter and hoped to be the next Barbara Walters.  She went to UCLA for awhile, but dropped out.  She got work as a street reporter on a cable station and did well for herself until she met and fell for Chad Williams.  He moved in with her, drained her of most of her savings and stole her job from her.  She’s down on life and returns to the Hollar to lick her wounds and find some of that old fire she used to have.   And with the trio reunited, there are sure to be some fires!

Ida Mae Johnson’s never been out of The Ozarks and is known to complain a lot.  She’s gossipy and opinionated but has a good heart…like many in this small town family.

Bubba Stevens owns and runs the Tastee Burger, home of the famous Bubba Burger.  One of Buck Snort Hollar’s few transplants, Bubba’s obsession with the “Mel Sharples” character from the hit comedy “Alice,” had him hightailing it out of sunny California to a simpler life in the backwoods of Tennessee. Bubba quickly adapted a slow southern drawl and opened Tastee Burger, which became ‘the’ gathering place for all the locals. Now if Bubba could just get the few single women in Buck Snort to put him on the most eligible bachelor list, why life would be perfect!

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