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Wow! My first Blog!

Guess I better tell ya’ll a bit about me!

I was born and raised in the grand state of Texas and named Pocapena after my great-grandpappy, the famous Spanish Bull. In fact the great matador, Manuel Granero, was no challenge for grandpappy, which led to grandpappy being exiled to the great US of A and the very cattle ranch where I was born. The only problem bein’ named Pocapena was it didn’t seem to roll off the Texan tongue too well and soon everyone was calling me Bull, which is just fine with me.

Just like grandpappy I am destined to be in the spotlight. I was still wet behind the ears when a rodeo agent spotted me majestically (yeah, I said majestically) grazing in the field and signed me on the spot. I traveled first class around the great US of A until the fateful day that scrawny, ornery cowboy, Lloyd, thought he could best me. He didn’t and I lost my agent and was soon exiled to Buck Snort Hollar, TN, the inheritance of sweet Miss Betty Jo, former wife of the scrawny, ornery Lloyd.

Never have figured out how someone as sweet as Miss Betty Jo could get saddled with the likes of Lloyd. But his demise had me hitting the powerball! Now don’t get me wrong, there ain’t no mansions or big fancy cattle ranches here in Buck Snort Hollar. Fact is, it’s a simple place, backwoodsy to us who’ve traveled around this great US of A, but it is home. And that just feels good. And sweet Miss Betty Jo is a peach! (I’m keeping my eye on that mayor though…he seems a bit smitten with my Miss Betty Jo!)

Yep, a quiet little town it was…But now… Buck Snort Hollar’s been invaded by producers, directors and cameramen. Why, the whole town is in on it. Except me. Wwweeeelllll, that is not entirely true, because I do get to stand ‘quietly’ while sweet Miss Betty Jo pours her heart out to me. They insist on shooting me from my bad side. Are they blind? Nor I’m  allowed to speak any consoling words of wisdom to sweet Miss Betty Jo. Seems these creative folks just can’t  to wrap their little, teeny brains around a bull talking. (If the agent for Mr. Ed is out there, you can email me here. We need to talk!)

Now, the webmaster here, well, he gets it! We’ve had us some stimulatin’ conversations and he agreed to let me blog away. Though I heard through the Hollar grapevine that those snooty producers and directors think it is some lowly PA writing this. What an insult! Why, if sweet Miss Betty Jo wasn’t havin’ such a grand time, they’d find themselves keeping old, ornery Lloyd company!

So welcome to my blog! And keep your eyes and ears wide open ‘cuz nobody knows the citizens of Buck Snort Hollar better than me. Why, I may even run for mayor!

                                                                                                                                  Yours very truly,


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