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Bubba’s Blog:

I’m the newcomer to Buck Snort, even though I’ve been here goin’ on five years. I’m very excited to be living in Buck Snort.  I opened up this restaurant on a shoestring and burger.  No one in town can resist my famous Bubba burger, especially the mayor, the most eligible bachelor in town. Every single woman in town has been tryin’ to get my secret recipe out of me in hopes of snagging the mayor.  

Since arriving in Buck Snort Hollar and opening up this restaurant, I’ve run into a lot of interesting folks.  I guess it’s kind of exciting having Betty Jo’s sister from California come back.  But to tell you the truth, I was never interested in all that California glitz, which is what made me leave there in the first place.  And it seems like a lot of that California glitz rubbed off on Betty Jo’s sister, Barbie.  I had to escape, which is why I came here.  I don’t think Barbie is escaping though, sounds more like she was booted out; and she is not too happy ‘bout it, either …guess we’ll all find out soon enough.

But me, I sure am happy I did.  I’ve carved myself out quite the place here and hands down I’m the best cook in Buck Snort!  Now if I could just figure out who is keeps taping them posters on the window that say, “Go Vegan! Save a Cow!

Burger on,


bull poster



Betty Jo’s Blog (she can get a tad bit long winded, ya’d think she was writing her biography!)

I was born the 3rd of 6 children in the beautiful town of Buck Snort Hollar, TN.  I was the first girl born to Anita Jean and Tom Riley.  Two little brothers later, it was looking as if I’d be the only girl.  Mama and daddy were pretty much done with havin’ kids after Brandon Lee was born, but about six years later; oops, they were expectin’ another child.  I was pretty excited to be havin’ another child in the house and prayed with all my might that this ‘un would be a girl.  Sure enough, she was.

Barbara Jean was a beautiful child.  She came out of the womb screamin’ for attention and she got plenty of it too.  I was always bailin’ her and her two little friends out of one mess or another.  If mama’d found out half of what they or our brothers did, I’d be an only child I’m sure.  Seems they’d come to me for every little thing growin’ up and my little sister Barbi; as she prefers to be called, still does.  I love Barbi Jean, but she is a handful.  She’s more work than my two children put together.

I married Lloyd Jeter right out of Beauty College.  He was already workin’ his own ranch and doing quite well at it.  After a few years, the woman who owned the shop where I worked wanted to retire and Lloyd said it only made sense to buy it and so I began my own business.  Of course, Lloyd took care of all the finances.  We were never rich, but we weren’t hurting either.  I don’t understand when or why things changed but they did. 

We had wanted children almost right away, but it just wasn’t happenin’.  We settled with the thought that it just wasn’t in God’s plan for us and we were content with what we had.  I had my shop, Lloyd had his ranchin’ and I sang with the family band, like I did from the time I was about 12 years old.  Life was good.

When I was in my early 30’s I was blessed with two miracles.  Lloyd and I had the children we always wanted and thought we’d never have.  It was about that time that Lloyd went to school to learn how to be a rodeo clown.  Now, Lloyd was a wiry fella and he seemed to have a knack for the sport.  Little by little, Lloyd began to spend more time rodeoin’ and less time ranchin’.  Then he began to act funny.  About two years ago, he began to travel with the rodeo.  When he was home, there would be suspicious telephone calls and Lloyd wouldn’t want to spend time with the kids and me.  Earlier this year, he and I decided it would be best for him to move out.  He was no longer the man I married and I suspected the affair; but I never suspected he was bleedin’ us dry financially.

Long story short, I own the bull that put an end to my kids daddy.  Why?  Well, that’s another long story and I’ll tell y’all about it sometime.  Right now, I’m busy tryin’ to adjust to my new tenants, my little sister showin’ up without any notice and this mountin’ pile of bills.  Not to mention; tryin’ to keep my pre-teen daughter from emulatin’ her “Aunt Barbi”.  Heaven forbid!  I hope mama and daddy come back from vacation soon.  I could use their help.

Betty Jo’s House of Beauty


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