Welcome to Buck Snort Hollar!

Welcome to Buck Snort Hollar, a sleepy, little town dead south of Nashville, TN.  Well, truth be known, Buck Snort Hollar is in the middle of nowhere … it doesn’t even qualify for a flyover.

However, through the wonders of modern technology…ya’ll will have a front row seat to peer into the colorful lives of the citizens of Buck Snort Hollar.

Not much usually happens ‘round Buck Snort Hollar. Well, at least not since that time Mrs. Hattie Mae accidentally mixed white lightening’ with molasses and …. oh, well, ‘maybe next time’ Mayor Thomas Jacob Henry will tell y’all about that …

Cuz’ as ya’ll are about to find out…things are gett’n a bit more interestin’ these days…


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